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The Quest

182cm x 121cm

Mixed Media


- Certificate of authenticity

- Professional packing

- Priority shipping (insured)

$3,450 USD

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Terms of Sale


The artist, who is the owner of the artwork as first and current owner of copyright in this artwork, sells said artwork to the purchaser according to the conditions stated hereunder.

1.1 The artist does not assign any element of his or her copyright, it being hereby understood that a transfer or a copyright licence must be evidenced under another contract. It is therefore agreed that the artist remains the absolute owner of his or her entire copyright, including the right to exhibit the artwork publicly, the right to reproduce the artwork in any form and by using any process, as well as the right to publicly communicate the artwork in a non-material form, and this applies to all countries and for the duration of the copyright.

 Notwithstanding the foregoing, the purchaser may, however, reproduce the artwork only for personal archiving or insurance purposes.


 The purchaser agrees to notify in writing the artist or his or her assigns of the sale or transfer of the artwork to a third party and he or she shall do so within 30 days of the sale. The notice will indicate the third party’s name, address and telephone number. The purchaser shall notify the third party that the artist has reserved his or her entire copyright, namely his or her right of exhibition including a right of access to the artwork.

 In case of the sale or transfer of the artwork at a price greater than the price paid by the purchaser, the purchaser agrees to pay to the artist or to his or her assigns 10% of the difference between the price of this sale or transfer and the price paid in this transaction.